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      1,4-Butanediol monovinyl ether

      product name 1,4-Butanediol monovinyl ether
      CAS No. 17832-28-9

      1) EINECS No.: 241-793-5
      2) Molecular formula: C6H12O2
      3) Appearance: colorless clear liquid
      4) Packaging: 190kg/galvanized steel drum or tank car
      5) UN code: N/A PG: N/A Hazard class: N/A
      6) HS code: 2909199090

      Structural formula 1,4-Butanediol monovinyl ether

      HBVE is used as a comonomer for fluoropolymer resins for high durability coatings to contribute solubility, adhesion and crosslinking. With its hydroxyl functionality, HBVE can be built into polyurethane systems ato provide pendent unsaturation. It is used as a key building block in the production of ethoxylated comonomers for concrete superplasticisers.

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